Constantin(konstantinos-kostas) Papageorgio(papageorgiou) Resume

      Constantin Papageorgio

Born in Nicosia Cyprus (1972)

Study the violin from the age of 6 and clarinet from the age of 12

1988-91 Leader of the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra

1989-91 National Military Symphonic Band as a clarinetist

1990 Diploma in Violin and Theory from the National Conservatory of Cyprus

1991 L.R.S.M. (Royal Schools of music Diploma) in Violin Performance

1991 Tour with European Youth Orchestra as an orchestral player

1991-92 Aristotelis University -Greece- Musicology Studies (Byzantine and Traditional Music)

1992-93 Royal Northern College of music UK studied the Violin with Yossi Zivoni

1993-95 B.A .Music Anglia University , studied violin with Amanda Parfit composition with Allan Bullard and conducting with Chris Phelps

1994 Conducting Master Classes in Szeged-Hungary,
with Acel Ervin and the Szeged Symphony Orchestra

1995-1998 Music Teacher in Public Schools

1998 Debut with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra conducting one of his works called “The Jasmine”

His compositions have been performed in Cyprus, U.K., U.S.A., Ireland, Sweden,
Germany and Bulgaria.

Member of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra since 1999

«Arklow International Music Festival -Ireland 2nd prize 2004

IVAN SPASSOV International Composers' Competition -special award
Bulgaria 2004-

IBLA International Foundation,U.S.A -Honorable title - 2004

Ministry of culture of Cyprus composers' competition - Honorable title–2005

2008 Fellowship Diploma of Trinity Music College in Composition FTCL

Index of works

“Four seasons” string quartet miniatures 1990 op.1

Classic overture 1991 0p.2

Suite for solo cello 1992 op.3

Suite for solo violin 1992 op.4

“Kyrie Eleison” pour Soprano et instruments à cordes 1993 op.5

Three pieces based on traditional songs for string orchestra1994 op.6-8

“Legend” for viola and strings 1994 op.9

“Autumn image” for solo guitar 1994 op.10

“Requiem Aeternam” pour chœur a cappella 1996 op.11

Autumn image for viola and strings 2001 op.12

Serenade for strings 2001 op.13

“Quatros sonnetos para um pensamento” for piano and viola 2002 op.14

“Echoes from a poem” Duet for cello and alto flute 2002 op.15

Trio “Humoresque alla Pollaca” for guitar, viola and violin 2002 op.16

“Ilusoes” ballet music for chamber orchestra 2003 op.17

Trio “Peut-etre..” for bassoon, oboe and clarinet 2003 op.18

String quartet 2003 op.19

Violin concerto 2005 op.20

“Leda and the Swan” orchestral ballet music 2006 op.21

Flute Quartet 2007 op.22

Two Melodies for Treble Instrument and Piano 2007 op.23

"Praise to Shekinah" for solo Viola (arr. for Violin or Cello) op.24 2008

"Seven songs sonnets,from Shakespeare” for voice and String Quartet op.25 2008

"Abraxas” for Double String Orchestra op.26 2008

"Two sentimental fossils" for piano op.27 2008

'Sonatina' for Piano and Violin op.28 2009

'Piano Quintet' op.29 2009

‘sentimental fossil' for piano no.3 op.30 2010

‘backstage' for flute and violin op.31 2010

'Virga' for flute and piano op.32 2010

Nocturne for Two Clarinet op.33 2011

'Sonnet' for Two Violins op.33

Wind Quintet no.1 Aquarella op.34

Wind Quintet no.2 Humoresque op.35 well as music for various Ancient Greek Dramas/Comedies.

Updated:  November 19, 2012

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