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+ A Bob Stubbs Musical Biography +

Bob Stubbs started playing drums at age 10 because of a band called "the Twinkeyz"from Northern California.Bob Stubbs got an early introduction into underground & punk rock music through attending this particular bands early rehearsals and concerts at a young age because of Bob's sisters relationship with the bands drummer at the time, Joe Von Hagel.Bob Stubbs received his first Drumkit from Joe Von Hagel, this was an early influence that inspired Bob to play drums.As the early 1980s music scene picked up steam ,Bob Stubbs found himself playing drums with the known local Sacramento,California & Southern California bands during time such as:
"The Vacant" , "Circle Kross" , "Four Horsemen"" , "Race Train Schizo" , "The Authorities" , "True West" & the most known..... "Social Distortion" ,But that is just a few of the bands. There were alot more as well as the many bands vinyl releases & discographies ,but it is too much to list here now. As the earlier 1980s punk music scene was closing,around November 1986 ,Bob Stubbs was ahead of the new music & local Hollywood,CA. music scene by forming bands like "Race Train Schizo" that shared bills with "T.S.O.L."(True Sounds of Liberty) ,"SOCIAL DISTORTION" ,"THE BANGLES" ,"THE VANDALS",E.T.C. and they also opened shows/bills with bands like : "GUNS & ROSES" and "NIRVANA". Bob Stubbs co-formed the California band "Skullduggery" after "Race Train Schizo" ended and as 1989 stated ,Bob Stubbs took "Skullduggery" to Las Vegas,NV. & reformed the band with an all new line-up in Las Vegas,NV.. "Skullduggery" played smaller venues & shows locally than the band had played in California. The band did not record any songs or release any albums during that time period in early 1990.
Slightly before that ,Bob Stubbs worked with "No Show Sound company" in Hollywood,CA. at clubs like ,
"The SCREAM" , "the Club With No Name" & the infamous "Cathouse" ,that is immortalized in the "Faster Pussycat" song of the same name..When "Skullduggery" ended in mid-1990 ,Bob Stubbs moved to Columbus,Ohio and a short time later ,to Detroit,MI. to join "The Flyin' Saucers". The "Flyin' Saucers" were a local "Rockabilly" band with longtime ties to the local Detroit,MI. & Columbus,OH. music scenes.The "Flyin' Saucers" released some 7 inch vinyl singles on "Pristine Records" a TEXAS record label. The "Flyin'Saucers" songs released charted at number 14 & 21 respectively on the Adult Contemporary music charts in 1991. "The Flyin' Saucers" are also featured & interviewed in a Feature Film called "TEAR It UP! ,Rockabilly the Documentary" filmed from the 1980s through the early 1990s ,the film has yet to be released by LASSO PRODUCTIONS in OHIO. The Flyin' Saucers performed at the Columbus Arts Festival & performed on a local television show to promote the "Columbus,Ohio arts festival in summer 1992 ,Shortly afterward "The Flyin'Saucers" disbanded around August 1992. Bob Stubbs was asked to join another local Ohio band called "Elvis Hitler" and the Detroit,MI band "Goober & the Peas" ,but chose instead to move to California for more musical opportunities.After August 1992 ,Bob Stubbs joined a new band in Tempe Arizona called "The Voice" ,Eventually causing him to stay in Arizona & to not continue on to California as originally planned. "The VOICE" with Bob Stubbs on Drums released 2 E.P.s ,1 on vinyl on DISCLAIM Records that was produced by the legendary Greg Sage of the punk band "the Wipers". Greg Sage ,Was and Is still instrumental in the Seattle,WA. "NIRVANA Sound" and look and he is cited as a major influence of Kurt Cobain of the band NIRVANA as well as the local Sacramento,CA. band Bob Stubbs was friends with in his early days called "The TALES OF TERROR" that featured a young Lyon Wong on guitar(Lyon Wong was actor Victor Wong's Son). In 1994 "The Glass Heroes" was formed with Bob Stubbs of "Social Distortion" on Drums & "Keith Jackson" of "Shock Therapy" on Guitar and Vocals. Keith Jackson & Bob Stubbs were the only 2 members recorded on the original recordings playing all of the different instruments themselves as well as co-writing alot of the songs together also. the GLASS HEROES released 7 songs to be featured on the Punk Rock compilation titled "HIGH VOLTAGE PUNK & OI" that was slated only for distribution in Europe on Step 1 records. "The GLASS HEROES" are a featured act on that compilation album."The GLASS HEROES later received a "Best of Phoenix" award for "Best Alternative Band" in 1994 by the PHOENIX NEW TIMES MAGAZINE / NEWSPAPER. In late 1995 ,Bob Stubbs was recruited to Las Vegas,NV. to play Drums with his cousin Jesse Amoroso in the band "CYANIDE BLUES". This version of CYANIDE BLUES recorded some 10 songs for a compilation record to be released by "FLIPSIDE Fanzine RECORDS"titled "It's All Downhill From Here" a Las Vegas compilation album". "CYANIDE BLUES" also recorded some 7 songs in Los Angeles,CA. for the "T.O.N. record label ,but those songs were never released. In Las Vegas,NV. in late 1996 ,Bob Stubbs formed the Surf Music Original trio called "Benny & the Goons" along with Benny Hammond on Guitar / Vocals ,Darren Ford on Bass guitar / Vocals & Bob Stubbs on Drums / Vocals & Percussion. BENNY & THE GOONS was a "Horror Surf Music" band in Las Vegas,NV. From the bands early popularity locally ,"Benny & the Goons" was asked to be the feature house-band on the weekly television show called "The Count Cool Rider Show" on Warner Brothers Television Channel 33 in Las Vegas,NV.. Benny & the Goons released a few 7inch vinyl singles during that time including the song titled "Monster Swell" ,which was co-written by Bob Stubbs & Benny Hammond. The song went on to win awards for originality & was called "a timeless classic". Benny & the Goons disbanded in September 1997.
In October 1997 ,Bob Stubbs moved back to his hometown of Sacramento,California and there soon formed a new band called "The HYPNOMEN" ,but soon found another band in Sweden with the same name and changed the bands name to : "The Hypnotic IV" .Along with some fellow local Sacramento,CA. "Surf Music"enthusiasts in the local music scene the band soon gelled and was soon recording & touring northern California & Nevada.
In 1998 ,"The Hypnotic IV" released the album titled "the Soothing Sounds of the Hypnotic IV". Later in 1999 they released another album titled "Hypnotica!". In the year 2000 the band released the album , "Hypnotic IV LIVE! Too Loud,Outta Tune & Barely Gettin' Paid". All of the album releases feature Bob Stubbs on drums.
Bob Stubbs brought some of the songs he had co-written with Benny Hammond from "Benny & the Goons" to add to "The Hypnotic IV's"sound. The song ,"Monster Swell" actually charted on the California underground Surf Music scene song charts and was given praise from one song review calling it "the best NEW Surf song to come along since "The Ventures" "Walk Don't Run" from 1959.
In 2000 ,Bob Stubbs formed "The Inertians". Mostly to satisfy his longing for his "Punk Rock" drumming roots ,but also just to have another outlet for his songwriting. THE INERTIANS include ,Jesse Bunker on Bass / Vocals & Paul Ostrander on Guitar / Vocals & Bob Stubbs on Drums / Vocals.The INERTIANS recorded an 8 track C.D. titled "The Inertians". This C.D. was to be only a local Sacramento,California release ,but was later re-released at another 500 copies due to demand. Bob Stubbs moved back to Phoenix,Arizona in mid 2001 to rejoin "The Glass Heroes".In 2003 ,Bob Stubbs recorded a full album of new songs he co-wrote with Vocalist Chris Buskirk that are included on the C.D. release titled "The Xeroxed Pop Robots Of The Almighty Brazen Beat". This album is produced & performed on by another old friend and fellow "Surf Music"ex-band member "Klaus Flouride" of San Francisco California's "Dead Kennedys". In late November 2011 ,Bob Stubbs joined Arizona Original Rockabilly music trio "RHYTHM DRAGONS". The Original trio includes Anthony Vincent / Guitar ,Vocals , Josh Gihle / Upright Bass ,Vocals , & Bob Stubbs / Stand-up Drums ,Vocals. Since joining RHYTHM DRAGONS in November 2011 ,Bob Stubbs has recorded & released 3 albums & 1 C.D. single with the original music trio. The RHYTHM DRAGONS tour the United States some 200 dates per year & even make it to Germany & other places in Europe. Those tour dates are about to increase with the release of the bands up-coming album in late 2015. The RHYTHM DRAGONS latest release titled "RHYTHM DRAGONS BILLY 3.0" is out in stores now ,including "Stinkweeds" in Phoenix,AZ. & is available all over the internet wherever C.D.'s are sold. The newest album by RHYTHM DRAGONS is still recording right now in April 2015 & will be out soon.The title will be "RHYTHM DRAGONS REIGNITE". Check back later in 2015 for this music Bio is destined to change.

Updated:  February 27, 2023

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