Chris Jenks Resume

      Chris Jenks
Violinist, pianist and teacher

A classically trained violinist with a good grounding in music theory and styles. Versatile across a wide range of genres. Currently teaches piano and violin to different age groups. Performs in various situations and musical styles, from orchestral work through to cocktail-like jazz music.
Is interested in teaching people to explore new ideas in improvisation and being set free to do so, tutoring bands, corporate work and workshops.
Also plays some trumpet.

1985-1990: Private tuition in violin, music theory and ensemble
1990-2001: Conservatoire, Perugia, Italy. Violin diploma (degree status). Also: Piano, Music theory, Harmony, History of Music, Orchestra, Quartet, Chamber Music, etc.
1990-1998: Private tuition and perfecting.
Summer 2003: Berklee College of Music Jazz course, Perugia, Italy: jazz piano and trumpet.
1999-2000: University of Hertfordshire, Art & Design foundation.
Spring 2004: Middlesbrough College, London & City Guilds in Video production. (Exchange)
2001-2005: University for Foreigners, Perugia, Italy. Degree in Communication & Advertising
2005-6: Nexus Academy of Music: contemporary piano and keyboards. Also: live performance, electronic music and composition.
Other: courses and workshops.

2007-9: Private teaching. Piano and violin. Beginners and advanced pupils.

-Orchestral work
-Background function music
-Piano solo concerts

Classical, Jazz, Fusion, Rock n roll, Gospel, etc.

Updated:  August 13, 2009

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