Luca Luciano Resume

      - "The New Voice of the Clarinet" (front page of De Klarinet)

- "Masterful Clarinet! Luca is a noted Italian clarinettist and composer who now makes his home in London, having developed an enviable reputation as an instrumental virtuoso around the UK and overseas via recordings and concert hall appearances" (The Musician magazine)

- "Luciano is one of Europe's leading exponent of jazz clarinet" (BBC Radio)

Internationally recognized for his groundbreaking contributions to contemporary clarinet music, praised by Musical Opinion (UK’s oldest classical music magazine) for his “constantly beautiful tone”, he starts his career at a very young age and has since “established himself as the friendly face of contemporary clarinet”, according to the Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine.

His work has been described as “romantic, soulful and technically superb” and, with a repertoire that embraces more than two centuries of Western music, Luca is considered one of the most versatile musicians of his generation. Luciano has presented new works (either his compositions or music especially written/arranged for him) and rarely played music at some of the most established venues of the UK and overseas. He is mainly active as a solo artist presenting original projects via concerts/recitals and his experience includes studio sessions, TV and radio performances, master-classes and lecture-recitals, four solo albums, orchestra and chamber music.

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Updated:  October 1, 2013

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