Michael Heinzelmann Resume

      Born in Salzburg, Austria, the parents were classical singers. I was always interested equally in art and technology, having to make a decision I have chosen a machine engineering education and was working in this field for a few years until changing back to music and studio engineering in the 80's and 90's. I was playing the drums for more than 10 years, plus some keyboard and bass guitar when it was needed.
At this time the style was mostly Jazz Rock, avantgarde and Third Stream Jazz, very natural for the musical environment of a city like Salzburg.
In 1998 I went to London to do some art promotion and was trying to get a feel for the music scene. Together with a friend I was joining gospel churches as a musician and sound technician. The churches had plenty of people playing the drums, so I was quickly shifted to the keyboard.
Through this I could gain valuable experience with playing 'head' arrangements, tunes never heard before, people never played with before. Another important fact was the absence of a bass player in most of the performances, the keyboard had to produce the bass, and specially during praises the congregation liked a lot of bass.
Turn of the millennium I went into IT professionally as a programmer. Although being technically educated this was a steep learning curve again, and for a few years programming was the main occupation at work as well as during free time.
In this time I did not know how to really combine programming and music, like for most people it was 'either or' and music was just played to relax from the office job.
Starting 2005 I began to practice keyboard skills again, but not in a classical manner, rather the bass and independent playing is the favorite.
During 2008 I started to work on my own drum computer program, with the initial purpose to answer the question:
'Can one make (serious) music with a computer ?' After a slow start beginning 2009 a turn around came, and for me the answer is now 'yes' and and I feel comfortable as a programmer and musician at the same time. The computer program is named 'MC Uosmip Cuter' - a combination of 'music' and 'computer' and is now a fixed part of my music style.
In my first album 'Nightflight' the production technique been used is somewhat 'upside down'. First a video was produced with all musical elements acting in real time, no overdubbing. This performance was recorded digitally and as MIDI and later remastered for audio and video.
I am currently developing this style, the drum program is undergoing improvements, it is transferred from a special program only used for my own performances to a generic program that may be of value for other musicians as well.
Since September 2009 my work has another line of style, called 'minimal trance Jazz' that will be featured on the second album. This style combines trance, minimal and Jazz elements and uses a DJ style production technique.

Updated:  December 31, 2009

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