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New York Repertory Orchestra to Present Premiere Work by Peri Mauer, 5/18

New York Repertory Orchestra to Present Premiere Work by Peri Mauer, 5/18

The New York Repertory Orchestra proudly presents its 2012-13 season finale featuring a world premiere by Peri Mauer alongside works by Jean Sibelius and Claude Debussy. Led by conductor David Leibowitz, the concert features guest artist, violinist Airi Yoshioka, and takes place on Saturday, May 18th at 8pm at The Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Times

"When I began composing ILLUMINATIONS OF THE NIGHT I lived in a studio apartment 28 floors above midtown Manhattan with my piano facing my window. As a night person, my work habits and creative energy had me composing far into the night, as I watched the changing view of lights of the city night dance against the backdrop of darkened streets and sky. Often I composed all night until the sun came up. The sound of awakening traffic initiated by the low-pitched screeching of garbage trucks making their early morning rounds signaled that it was time to go to sleep.

My first sketches of ILLUMINATIONS OF THE NIGHT date back to my student days at the ManhattanSchool of Music, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to complete it for performance by the New York Repertory Orchestra conducted by David Leibowitz on May 18, 2013. I now live in a midtown Manhattan studio 24 floors above 42nd Street. The lights of the World Trade Center no longer dance, and there are many new buildings whose purpose is seemingly that of reflecting the city's night lights in changing colors and patterns. The night illumination carries on as determined as ever within the changing cityscape, as optimistic and invigorated as ever. The sound of awakening traffic harkened by the screeching garbage trucks remains unchanged, as the night lights soften and lower their glow for the daylight to take over."

This work was funded in part by the Composers Assistance Program of New Music USA.

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MUSIC REVIEW (excerpt): David M. Abrams 

Peri Mauer NUDIBRANCH FRIDAY, for violin and cello
Bargemusic Here and Now
Fulton Ferry Landing, Brooklyn, NY
September 20, 2012

The duo of Curtis Stewart, first violinist, and Amanda Gookin, cello, of the PUBLIQuartet then played composer Peri Mauer’s fascinating Nudibranch Friday. In her introductory comment, Ms. Mauer explained that nudibranch, shell-less marine mollusks that comprise the sea slugs, are characterized by fascinating shapes and intriguing patterns and their intricate color and form inspired her to compose this wonderful duo . The piece is made up of 7 continuous sections, each based on a different nudibranch. Violinist Curtis Stewart has a warm, clear sound and sparkling rhythmic energy and cellist Amanda Gookin has a deep, rich tone and a lovely rubato that enriched both the slow and fast sections of Ms. Mauer’s unusual composition. Peri Mauer’s innovative compositions are at the forefront of contemporary music, and Nudibranch Friday is clearly one of her most captivating and imaginative compositions.

Curtis Stewart and Amanda Gooken performing the World Premiere of Peri Mauer’s Nudibranch Friday

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Music Review: Kerwin Williamson Studio Phoenix Blogspot


Composers Concordance Festival 2012
January 29, 2012

Dutchess Starlight Revisited by Peri Mauer/cello, with Elliott Sharp/guitar and Art Baron/trombone, was a beautiful piece that exuded a sharp tenderness matched only by its near perfect arrangement. The combination of the three musicians brought out the joy and heartache of the composition, its notes reverberating in the air like ripples on the surface of a pond. Peri's playing was superb, her cello hummed with the gentle yet powerful vibration of her soul.
Peri Mauer, composer and cellist
Elliott Sharp. guitar
Art Baron - trombone


MUSIC REVIEW  (excerpt)

Standard Fare Upended, to Reinvent and Explore


Published: September 4, 2011

 "Peri Mauer’s “Rhapsodance,” vibrantly interpreted by Moran Katz, a clarinetist, and Alexandra Joan, a pianist, set a tart chromatic melody dancing to frisky rhythms akin to Poulenc."
The Here and Now Series at Bargemusic - Review -

Moran Katz, clarinet, Peri Mauer, composer, Alexandra Joan, piano, after final performance of Peri Mauer's RHAPSODANCE at Bargemusic Labor Day Festival Sept. 1-4, 2011


Music Review: 
Mark Greenfest, freelance contributor New Music Connoisseur
Music With a View 2011
April 5, 2011

Blogarhythm, composed and conducted by Peri Mauer, opened the Music With a View program, Mad Chatters, at the Flea Theater, Friday, April 1, 2011 at 7 pm.  Curated by Kathleen Supove, the festival featured different themes - this piece was an entirely acoustic piece, commenting on the wired electronic age, and the composition, Blogarhythm, had its own ensemble, with 24 professional musicians, all volunteering, including contralto Christina Ascher, flutists Pamela Sklar, Hugh Williams, and Michael Laderman, clarinetist Gwen Appel, Ms. Supove as pianist, and other noted and talented performers, including five cellists. 


The piece opened with an enormous wavelike crescendo, arching together the polyrthyms of multiple musical lines, in one energetic gesture -  Ms. Mauer said that this was inspired by walking through the Times Square subway station at rush hour. The powerful opening was quite exhilarating and raucous, yet  it was amazing how articulate it was, and the lines held together (much like a Mahler ending, except more so).  This wave was repeated throughout the piece, in gentler and rhythmically appealing form; and, it alternated with lyrical solo and other passages that were lovely, and which showcased the fine musicianship of the individual performers.


The effect was both energetic and mesmerizing - the rhythmic 'blog' wave of the complex urban world in contrast to the beautiful voices of the individual instruments.  The contralto, Ms. Ascher, had a verbal vocalise that mirrored the chat world of the modern internet and contrasted with the lyricism and the wave.


(Ms. Mauer's notes explain the piece and its origins in greater detail, and all 24 of the volunteering pros deserve kudos for a most memorable performance.)


This piece, like Terry Riley's In C, has potential to expand, because in between the vigorous and fun wave, there is such a wonderful and lovely exposition of the individual voices.  I hope the musicians had as much fun as the audience had, and it looked like they did!



Music Review:
La Folia Online Music Review (excerpt)

May 2010

Peri Mauer, composer, with clarinetists Ismail Lumanovski and Vasko Dukovski

Morning Night and Noon for two clarinets by Peri Mauer stood out as appealing and original. Ismail Lumanovski and Vaski Dukovski reacted to each other and to the music with imagination and energy. In Night one truly felt midnight’s eerie darkness. Her portrayal of the composer David Noon (Ms. Mauer’s former teacher) was vibrantly eccentric and electrically charged. The music displayed creativity throughout the triptych." 
~ La Folia Online Music Review May 2010
La Folia -- A New Music Concert in St. Peter’s Church

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