Bledar Zajmi Resume

      Bledar Zajmi was born in Tirana, Albania in 1973. He took his first cello lessons as a 6 years old and already showed an amazing amount of talent at this young age.

At his 12ve year of age, he won the 2nd price in the cello National Competition and starts giving concerts in Albania and abroad. After graduating at the musical arts highschool in Tirana( prof. Xhovalin Lazri ), he compeets for and wins the scholarship for the Academy of Music in Prague, where he studies during 1992-1997 ( doc.Rudolf Lojda ) and graduates with honors. In the same year as his graduation, he also took part in the masters class at „Summer Music Academy“ ( prof.Josef Chuchro) in Semmering, Austria.

Already during his university studies, he starts concentrating in his solo career and chamber music. He plays in a series of solo concerts in Japan, Italy, Germany and Czech Republic, where he received positively highly rated critics from the artistic press.
In 1999, he wins the 2nd prize and the jury's Special Prize for the best interpretation of the contest piece played in the international Chamber music Competition “Palma d'Oro” (duo cello and piano) in Finale Ligure, Italy.
In 2004, he wins silver and 3rd prize in the international Chamber music Competition “Rovere d'Oro” (duo cello and piano) in San Bartolomeo al Mare in Italy.

Throughout his career to this day, he has been able to build a rich discography, playing with various chamber music groups and he regularly records for the Czech radio and Television. In the meanwhile, he has continued performing concerts in many countries in Europe, Japan, China and Brazil.

Since the year 2000, he has been the concertmaster-cello soloist at the Narodni Divadlo, the National Theatre in Prague.
He plays a cello by the Czech violin-make Jan Sipka " Clarus” (1996), which has been a trustworthy and a much beloved companion to Bledar throughout the years.

Updated:  December 11, 2009

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