Trio Consenso Vienna Resume

      The trio Consenso Vienna was founded in 2009 in Vienna. Fascinated by the uniqueness and variety of sounds while playing together, the three musicians have decided to continue musical path, thus forming a trio.

The name "Consenso" was chosen for several reasons. The Latin word "consensus" means agreement , which emphasizes a harmonious and balanced performance, resulting from the kinship of souls.

The other meaning of the Latin term emphasizes the compassion for each other at the moment of playing together. Both meanings lead directly to the golden mean, to coordinated harmonious unity, for a trio better than a mere sum of individual players.

Trio Consenso Vienna is:

Tanya Krasheninnikova, Clarinet
Ina Petkova, Cello
Noriko Shibata, Piano

Updated:  March 28, 2012

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