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My passion for playing drums started when I saw the first VHS recording of Dennis Chambers. He, amongst others, namely: Max Roach, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams and Steve Gadd have become just a few of my influences. My father then bought my first drum kit, a Tama Rock star, and at the age of eight. I then attended the well-known Beau Soleil Music Centre in Kenilworth and completed my Grade 6 Trinity Studies. Whilst being at Beau Soleil, I played in the Senior Stage Band as well as the Senior Wind Band. This increased my knowledge of playing in an Ensemble and how to work together as a unit. I was then asked by my principal (Frank Mallows) to do a gig with him, and this opened up a door to a world I knew very little of. This event became a stepping-stone for my future and propelled me faster than I could wrap my head around it.
The piano player that night had recognised my talent and asked me if I wanted to play in clubs with him at the age of 17.

This lasted for about 6 months and ended as I had then started working more corporately with my band called Ovation Incorporated for some Corporate giants at venues like The Mount Nelson Hotel, The Bay Hotel, The Table Bay Hotel (New Years Eve), and The Cape Sun amongst others. I have been playing ever since. Working with some of Cape Town's Top Jazz,Pop,dance and Show Musicians.

Artist I have performed with include:
Chad Saaiman @ Cape Town Live,a live broadcast with GoodHope Fm for and hour on air.Goodhope Fm and Hunters Dry being the sponsors.Chad Saaiman is also one of Cape Towns renowned original artist as we speak.

Lloyd Jansen,I performed with him at the very same event,he is also currently one of Cape Towns new attractions as his songs are playing live on various different Radio Stations.They both belong to company called Stereo-Type Records.

Lyndel Kearns- The former Pop Idol

Karen Kortjie- Recent South African Pop Idol.

Themba Mtshale- A world renown South African Vocolist as she was part of the hit series and show that travelled the world called Sarafina.

Darryl Andrews- A lecturer at South African College of Music (UCT), i worked with him at a wedding at the Mount Nelson, he is also one of Cape Towns most experienced and most sort after Jazz Guitarist.

I worked in the show called the hits of the 80's at Roxy Revue Bar in Grand West with Kyle Pieterson and Mike Mcullugh.

These are but to mention a few people who i have performed and worked with. In Cape Town,work is not as fluent as it should be,with this in mind I had to take on a fulltime Job,which i currently work at Paul Bothner Music where i supervise the Drum Department. I would like to travel the World to earn a much better salary. I also feel the my services and expertise could be utilised much better and much more frequently abroad.

Updated:  March 2, 2010

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