The James D Ingram Band Resume

      Exacting, insightful, evocative, and melodic. This and more from James' first album, ‘I'll Be the Judge of That'. What makes James interesting is his ability to write and perform his music in a way that engages the listener in the journey that is his life. Born 1961 in the spare room at there services house and brought up in North Staffordshire James early influences came from his dad a retired Flight Sergeant in the RAF.These included the big band sounds, crooners, jazz and swing. Followed by the teenage discoveries of the American singer songwriters, Paul Simon, British beat, the Beatles, and 70's soul and rock and of course the great Punk revolution. It's a rich heritage in which Blues are at the front and James revels in it. From the autobiographical, folkish ‘Wrong Train' to the upbeat and funky ‘Stones on the Ground' he manages to communicate real feelings and emotions, which resonate both with a contemporary and old school audience.
James' self-taught guitar playing from the age of fourteen has developed into a finger strumming and plucking style that gets you moving. It's quite organic in a way that does justice to his song writing and is greatly enhanced by his band. For the past decade he has lived and worked in London as a technical stage manager, touring with musicals and West End shows and his professional credo carries over into his concern for quality music performances. The live show is exceptionally good and James has surrounded himself with mature and professional musicians who are absolutely outstanding, it doesn't get better I can assure you. You can tell he loves and enjoys the music and both performing and recording is something not to be missed.
Last year saw James working with Damon Alburn / Jarvis Cocker and the legendary Scott Walker to name just a few and to finish the year off he played in British Comedian and Icon Rik Mayal's World Football song “ Noble England” and is featured in the video released this month.
James is currently promoting his album with live shows in and around London. The legendary Bedford: The Buffalo Bar: Punk are just a few of the top venues in which James plays today. This year will see James Back in the studio to follow up on his critically acclaimed debut album and also see's him branching out with his 4/5 piece band working on new material for the next project. Having heard some of this I can attest that it is getting better and seeing James perform always gets me in the mood to dance and jig in a way few other artists can.
‘I'll be the Judge of That' is available on Motivation Records at all good record shops and on-line distributors, i-tunes CD Baby et al.

You Don't Know What It's Like: The Bee Gees
Crazy: Gnarls Barkley
Superstition: Stevie Wonder
I've Been Loving You: Otis Reading
Angie: The Rolling Stones
Brown Sugar: The Rolling Stones
Its Only Rock And Roll: The Rolling Stones
Let it be I: Ray La Montagna
Trouble: Ray La Montagna
Down By the River: Bruce Springsteen
Hard To Handle: Otis Reading
Three Little Birds: Bob Marley
Thrill Is Gone: BB King
All right Now: Free
While My Guitar gently weeps: The Beatles
Red House: Jimi Hendricks
Over Twenty original tracks

Updated:  May 27, 2010

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