Our string quartet was founded in 2008 as a response to an increasing
demand for chamber music in the cultural and corporate events that where
and are taking place in the city of Arad.
Since its birth the quartet has been continuously evolving and
increasing in popularity because of the quartets good taste in choosing the
best repertoire for different events our main goal being to please the public
and create an enjoyful atmosphere. We have in our repertoire over 300
musical pieces varying from baroque and classical works written by Bach ,
Haydn, Mozart to modern latin , jazz and pop songs written by Piazzola ,
Bernstein , The Beatles and many others.
As a quartet we participated at several master classes held by Maestro
Nicusor Silaghi (Romania, member of TSQ and teacher at “Gh. Dima”
music Academy Cluj-Napoca )
We had recitals at corporate events especially at the Continental-
Astoria Hotel in Arad, at Arad and Targu-Mures Culture Palaces, in
Bucharest at the Intercontinental Hotel. Our collaboration with the National
Cultural Center was an important step onto having recitals in almost every
major city in the country. In these two years we played at over 100 events
including weddings, partys, corporate events and different ceremonials. We
have played at different events in Germany, Austria,Hungary and Italy thus
increasing our experience and versatility.

Updated:  September 15, 2010

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