EPNJ Resume

      Juan Francisco "Pancho" Anguiano

Studied at the Conservatorio Nacional de Musica in Mexico City and at U T El Paso.
Has been a fixture of the local music scene in El Paso since 1976.
Established Angle Records in 2004.
Jazz credits include Bill Watrous, Herb Ellis, the late Charlie Rouse.
Releases under his own name:
Handy Work- Son Of Handy Work- The Secret Lives Of Pancho's Pilots
Coming Soon: Bride Of Handywork, Chiaroscuro, Moon I
When not playing with a veritable "A list" of local and outside players or recording and producing music at home in his studio The Chocolate Room you'll find Mr. Anguiano leading varying incarnations of his own bands, namely Pancho's Pilots and El Paso Natural Jazz

Updated:  May 7, 2011

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