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NAME: Michael Anthony Jude Godinho


ADDRESS: Ursulaland 51, 2591GT, Den Hague, The Netherlands.


TEL: +31 616760 933                        



Highly motivated and well organized individual with leadership qualities.  Excellent musician  with communication, public relations and networking skills.  Capable to work independently with backing track or, as a team member with a band, duo, trio.


Music Qualifications & brief biography:

At a very young age of 12 I picked the guitar up for fun. By the age of 14 started playing in church soon was asked to join bands. Soon at the age of 16 happen to be playing music professionally. I won several local competitions. But these are few which I possess the certificates.  

1995 Won the first place for Western Inter College instrumental.

1997 Was privilege to Judged the R.A.I.T. Rock festival.

1997 Won the third place at the University level of Western Music.

I also have till date citations and certificates.

Besides, I have performed almost with all the leading gig bands in Mumbai, Goa, Pune to some extent, in every five star, seven star Hotel in Mumbai, and all the best venues in India for music till 2005. 

Also performed with one of India’s greatest star and bollywood play back singer, performer Sonu Nigam for a year and a half year. At that time I backed up several other artists session and bollywood divas. Also performed on several jingles, radio spots, bollywood movies, T. V. commercials.


Besides, I have been a professional demonstrator and Marketing Executive for Korg & Marshall. Due to Marshall inspections I had a chance to meet up with a few guitarist like Slash from Guns and Roses, Paul Stanley from Kiss. Who you may recognize. Met and jammed with quite a few Marshall and Korg endorsees, demonstrators like Michelle Picullie from Korg.




Microsoft Office. Besides, I run a small recording and production studio at home and work on CubaseNuendo, Cakewalk, Soundforge, Magix Samplitude, Fruity Loops, Reasons, and post production mastering software's, also quite familiar with programming on Korg music workstations and Korg stand alone recorders. “If given an opportunity to learn further in any field”. I am interested and willing to learn, and upgrade myself. Some of my work is on and


Work experience:

1994 –1997 Seamen’s club Mumbai with the Split Image.

1997 –1998 Played at the Bay View bar for 6 months at the Oberoi Sheraton Hotel in Mumbai.

1998 Performed a six month contract at the Apollo Bar in the Taj Hotel, Mumbai. On this contract I had a chance meet the Moten jazz band from and guitarist Moten himself from Norway.

1999 – 2000 Played on an off at the Centaur Hotel and at the same time I was working with Korg and Marshall.

2001 Playing at the Royal Orchids the only eco friendly 5 star hotel in Mumbai. Where an American band asked me to join them.  This time I quit my day time job and went completely on the music scene.

Toured with an International Jazz band from the US for three years.

2001 performed in Mumbai at the Maratha Sheraton.

2002 performed in Shanghai China at the Intercontinental.

2003 performed in Seoul Korea at Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel.

2004 till 2006 performed at several international venues as a freelance guitarist and musician to mention.

2007 performed at the Latin Jazz Festival in Den Haag.

2008 performed at one of the biggest blues festival held in Den Haag.

2009 performed at the Burgerpop festival.

2011 was one of the eight winners of an online youtube guitar competition held by CCE school music Italy.


I have also had a chance to jam with Alan Paul and Debbie from the Manhattan Transfer band.


Countries that I have performed in:

The whole of the Middle East at least thrice i.e UAE, Doha, Qatar, Muscat, Bahrain, Kuwait. Accept Saudai.

European tour i.e. Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

S. Africa twice. Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Also performed in Singapore, Malaysia,  Surinam, and Trinidad and Tobago.



Reading, movies, socializing, represented my school in football, athletics and table tennis. Represented my college as lead guitarist, and have won and judged several competitions all over the country. I like computers and enjoy working on new software’s, anything to do with, computers, electronics, technology, and music.


I, Michael Anthony Godinho do hereby declare that all information contained in this document is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge.



Michael A. J. Godinho         


Updated:  July 31, 2011

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