Mukitar Resume

      Producer, teacher, guitarist

After 5 years course at the “ Siam kolkarn music school ” , Payathai branch , Bangkok ,
He gets the Diploma in Classical guitar. However , since he was a teenager , he experienced different styles other than Classical , keeping an open-mind attitude towards several kinds of
modern music.
In 1983 he teaches classical guitar at the “ Siam kolkarn music school ” , Bangplad branch ,
Bangkok while he studies Jazz guitar, Jazz Harmony and arrangements for Big Band at the “Supakarn music school” in Bangkok.
In 1984-1990 he teaches Jazz guitar at the “ St. Cecilia academy of music ” and “ Jintakarn Dontri” as chairman electric guitar department. He writes and publishes a guitar method dealing with different styles as Blues , Jazz,Classical and Contemporary for “ Jintakarn Dontri”.
In 1991 he had ever joint showing with “Tewan novel jazz band” at up countries such as USA and HONG KONG and records many albums for Grammy and RS Promotion. He also is a good producer and promoter and have arranged musical to the leading singers in Thailand such as Charus Fuengarom, Viyada komarakul, Palapon, especially he is the music teacher of very famous singers such as Tai Thanawut , Y not 7, etc.
In 1997-1999 he is Managing Director of “VRC Group International” in Cambodia.
In 2000-2002 he is Executive Producer of “ACrecords” in Thailand.
In 2002-2008 he performs regularly in BBQ TERRACE at THE ORIENTAL HOTEL Bangkok with Mr. Mark Hodgkin.
In 2006 he had ever joint showing with “ T M Stevens” who is bass player of STEVE VAI.
He also teaches Jazz guitar at the “Silpakorn University” from year 2003 till now.
For further information , write an e-mail to : , Link to live video =
Or just search google by type " muk1962 " to see live video.

Updated:  September 3, 2011

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