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If you are interested in harp sheet music please visit Magic Harp Music Collections at:

Collections of harp sheet music pdf downloads, from Celtic harp to Concert harp, from solo harp to chamber music (for example cello and harp, flute and harp, duets with harp and others). Occasionally, there will be piano scores.

If you just want to listen harp music for relaxation, stress relief, positive energy, music for sleep and more, feel free to check my youtube channel:

I want to end the year 2020 by giving you as a gift, a piece I composed for the harp, which I hope will bring you peace of mind, relieve you of stress, and help you enter the New Year 2021 more relaxed and more confident that everything will be better. I wish you all the best and Happy New Year! (Roxana Moisanu)

The piece is playable on both lever or pedal harp and originally is written in E flat major.

There are also versions in C major and in D major. Check the links below.

You can download for FREE the harp sheet music on the links below:

E flat major version:

C major version:

D major version:

Updated:  January 10, 2021

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