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      Hey guys, 'resume' seems a little formal for musicians. So here goes...

I have been playing since I was 9, and have toured all over, countries like (US, UK, Australia, China, Spain, Sweden etc) to play live gigs with bands Raghu Dixit Project and Emergence. Played in festivals and stages like Glastonbury, WOMAD, One Movement(Perth), Kennedy Centre for Perfoming Arts, BBC show 'Later with Jools Holland', Coke studio@ MTV. Been doing sessions for the Indian film industry(Bollywood) for the past 5 years and have played for Oscar Winner A.R. Rahman amongst other music directors.

http://www.karthickiyer.com/the-violinist is my site where you can listen to my music.

I recently played in the Coke Studio@ MTV sessions which is hugely popular in India. Here's the video.

I mainly work with Logic, record with Apogee One soundcard, EV blue mic, Groove tubes GT30.

Apart from playing the violin, I also sing and compose music all of which you can find in http://www.karthickiyer.com/the-music-producer
I'm currently composing making Ad jingles for the TV industry here and also collaborations for musicians who would like an Indian sound to their songs.

Karthick Iyer

Updated:  August 11, 2011

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