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       SD, Pianist

Feel the magic...
Experience the joy of listening to soulfully performed piano music with a difference.
Discover the brilliance of a pianist who revels in touching your deepest emotions.
Discover how every note can tug at the heart. How every stroke of a piano key can be like thrive of a brush on a melodious canvas of musical images.

Discover SD the Pianist. . . . . . . .

Performance experience:

• Currently working as Music Coordinator & Performer with Assam Valley International School (Assam).
• Experience of working as Pianist with STAR MUSICALS EVENTS. Doha (QATAR)

• Experience of working with ISTA Group of Hotels in Hyderabad as a lobby pianist.

• Experience of working with The Oberoi Group of Hotels, Performing in Wildflower Hall, Oberoi & Cecil Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, Shimla

• Experience of working with heritage hotel The Elgin Hotels & Resorts (Darjeeling) as a Lounge Pianist.

• Experience of working as Lobby Pianist in a luxury heritage hotel, The Nor-Khill Hotel, Sikkim.

• Previously working for St .Laurn Towers & St .Laurn Hotels Ltd. Ahmedabad (Gujarat) as a Lounge Pianist.

• Employed by Genesis Event Redefining Music & Entertainment, Kingdom Of Bahrain & DUBAI.
• International work experience by performing for Ramee International Hotel. Kingdom Of Bahrain as Pianist.
• Excellent in performing American Classical, Jazz, Blues & Most famous music from all over the world.
• Performing on All India Radio (Air), Bombay in 2005 as Pianist.
• SD has been playing Grand Piano in various festivals such as American food festival, Chinese food festival, Goan food festival, Delhi food festival and Delhi festival.

SD’s performances have been highly applauded by music lovers at cultural events hosted by renowned painters, multinational organizations and cooperates, NRIs or Diplomats. SD has an excellent knowledge of music. He also plays Flute and Guitar very well.

Extra Curricular Achievements:

• 17th December 2001, "BEST MUSICIAN GROUP" Awarded by inter college Musical Competition (Mumbai).
• 15th November 2002 Awarded By For "BEST PIANO PLAYER" in Inter Church Music Competition.

Educational Qualifications:

• Diploma in music 1st grade 2007-2008

Personal Information:

Name: SD.
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Married
Languages known: English, Hindi
Contact No: +918551821822 (India)
E – Mail Id sd_musiccomposer@yahoo.com

Updated:  March 10, 2013

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