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      Duo "La Fiesta"

is becoming recognized as one of the most dynamic and exciting guitar based ensembles. The duo has performed throughout the world, including in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, South Korea, Bahrain, Oman etc.

"La Fiesta" consists of two young and talented musicians - Alexander and Olga.
They met and formed as a duo in the year of 2001, while undertaking studies at the National Academy of Music in Kiev, Ukraine.
The impressive individual talents of Alex and Olga come together to create what is sure to be one of the most exciting ensembles on the modern stage.
Over the past 8 years, the duo has performed in UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Malaysia and S.Korea working in co-operation with such famous branded hotels like Jumeirah Group, Sheraton, Ritz Carlton and Lotte.

"La Fiesta" plays live music in a unique mixture of styles, from latino to jazz, and from the classical tunes to the modern pop and rock covers.

Olga started her musical education in the age of 8, graduated from Mariupol State Musical Collage in 1999, and got the Master's Degree in National Academy of Music in the year of 2004.
She became laureate of several regional and International guitar competitions in Ukraine and Poland.
Now she is one of the famous guitarists in Ukraine. Olga plays not only classical guitar but electric lead guitar and flute as well.

Alexander began to play guitar in the age of 12, he graduated from Chernyhiv State Musical Collage in 2000 and from National Academy of Music in 2005. He became laureate of the National Competition "New names of Ukraine" in 1996 and international guitar competition in Krinica, Poland in 2002.

Updated:  May 6, 2014

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